About Us

Striving to offer garments that epitomize wardrobe essentials, while capturing the essence of the tumultuous Cornish winter.

Derived from the Cornish language, "Deray" encapsulates the concept of chaos.

Renowned for its allure as a sought-after vacation spot, Cornwall conjures idyllic visions of unending stretches of pristine sandy beaches and serene seas. Yet, this picturesque façade is often short-lived, swiftly supplanted by the harshness of winter, as Mother Nature reveals her formidable temperament. Situated as an exposed peninsula, Cornwall endures the full force of unrelenting Atlantic storms. Waves, resembling towering mountains, become a familiar sight during the more somber months. Piercing winds and biting cold are all too frequent, creating an environment of unbridled turmoil. This is the essence of chaos. This is Deray.